A quick tour of ExciteM!

Many people asked how does ExciteM work! So, the goal of this article is to show you the best practices to spice up your upcoming event using ExciteM.

What the hell is ExciteM?
That’s a great question. ExciteM allows you to poll your audiences and displays poll results in real-time (aka an Audience Response System). However, instead of using Old Fashioned/Expensive clickers, people can use their phones to vote (and their phones don’t have to be smart phones!). Your event audiences or your students in class can vote via: SMS, Dialing-In (and pressing the corresponding choice #), Facebook, and Twitter. You might be wondering what sets us apart from competition! OK, take a big breath…

Why ExciteM is better than other polling solutions?
Glad you asked… When you sign up with ExciteM, you get to pick a dedicated phone #. You can use our nice phone number finder tool to look up nice phone #s with your preferred area code. Sign up now here.

I know… I know I haven’t answered your question yet. Here is why it matters to have a dedicated phone #:

  • Easier Instructions:Let us assume you want to poll your audiences on “Who is the best NBA team?” and you list “1. Lakers”, “2. Heat”, “3. Celtics” as choices.With ExciteM, audiences can vote by texting their choice (e.g. “lakers”) or the # associated with their choice (e.g. “1″ for lakers). our competitors on the other side use one phone # for all their users (instead of a dedicated phone # per user). Hence, if you want to ask a question like the above one, people would vote by sending a special code for each keyword (e.g. text “129811″ for lakers, text “129972″ for Heat).  Which one is easier!!!?
  • Vote by Dialing In: Since older people don’t like texting/SMS, we allow them to vote by calling as well. How? It’s easy. They simply dial your dedicated phone number and press the corresponding choice number on their phone keypad followed by pound key “#”. For instance, if I wanted to vote for lakers, I can dial-in my account phone number and press 1. Isn’t that really cool! You will be surprised how many people prefer to call-in.

If you don’t get anything, please shoot me an email to baker@snooozy.com and I would be happy to assist.

So, how do I create a poll?

The answer is dead simple:
1. Type your question
2. Type your choices (click “add” to add more choices)
3. Choose voting methods (Twitter and Facebook are optional). If you choose Facebook or Twitter, it will ask you to give access to our application. Click “Allow” and you will be all set.
Important Note: We pull facebook and twitter votes every 1 minute. Hence, there might be a delay of up to 59 seconds in getting social media responses.
4. All DONE. YAY. Click “Launch Poll”

See the image below for your reference:

How do I present polls to attendees?

The “Results Page” contains voting instructions on the left side and on the right side, it shows the poll results in real-time. Simply, use this page to display live results to your attendees.

To access the results page, simply click the “Results” button in your dashboard. You must have an active question to see the ‘Results’ button. If you want to access results for previously created polls, click the “Polls” tab in navigation bar and look for your target poll. Once you find it, click the arrow (pointing to the bottom) and you will see the “Results” button for that particular poll.

If you don’t want to show the results in real-time, then simply copy the voting instructions from “Result Page” to any format you like (powerpoint slide, paper, conference agenda, booth tables, etc). You have a lot of room for creativity here. You can announce the results verbally when the voting closes.

Note 1: Only one poll can be active at a time. If you want to switch polls. Find the results page for the poll you want to activate from the “Polls” page, and click “Start” in the top right corner of the results page. By clicking “Start” on a particular poll, that poll becomes active and all your other polls will be stopped. This is a very handy in events/classes where you want to ask more than one poll and you want to prepare polls in advance.

Note 2: When displaying polls, use browser fullscreen mode. After you access the full screen mode, refresh the page (Shift +R for windows; Command + R in mac) to align the instructions/results to the middle of the page.

This is how the Results page would look like:

I hope this blog post have answered most of your questions. If you have any further questions/comments, please give me a shout at baker@snooozy.com.

Happy polling :)

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