The best way to poll your audience.
Create a live poll in 10 seconds. Audiences can vote via
SMS, Calling, Facebook, Twitter, and web.
"A breakthrough in audience engagement"
ExciteM offers users a dedicated phone number. You also get to choose your phone number area code, and pattern (e.g. 408.300.WAVE) during registeration.
Your audiences can vote by calling your account phone number and pressing the correct option # from phone keypad (e.g. press "1" for yes).
This amazing feature isn't possible with other polling services like Poll Everywhere.
No keyword limitations: Your audiences can vote by tweeting or texting the choice number (e.g. 1) or chocie description (e.g. yes).
No more weird keywords.
Results from all voting sources are displayed in real-time (as shown below). Facebook and Twitter votes have a slight delay of up to 60 seconds.
You can STOP and START any previous poll whenver you like. You can also embed live results in windows PowerPoint slides. Contact us for step-by-step instructions.
Contact us to request custom graphics for the Instructions & Results layouts. This feature is ideal for TV stations and large events.
See how it works!
1. Type question     2.Choose voting methods    3.Hit Launch!
Display the voting instructions to live audiences.
Watch results instantly as they come-in.
Integrate your poll with Facebook
ExciteM posts the question on your facebook page automatically and checks for updated results every 60 seconds. When creating a poll, you can select which page you like to post to (you have to be a page admin)
No App Needed:
Your facebook fans don't need to install any app to vote on your poll. Detailed profiles of each poll facebook voters can easily be exported.
When page fans vote on your Facebook poll, their friends can see it in their newsfeed.
Polls that go viral will bring more visibility to your page and hence, more likes.
Integerate your poll with Twitter