ExciteM was founded by a group of friends and avid TV fans, acutely aware of the unfair advantage that the web has held over TV - an advantage that has largely been responsible for "cord cutting".

Where the web offers a two-way dialog between content providers and consumers, traditional media has largely been limited to one-way communication. Previous attempts to make TV and radio more interactive have been compromises at best.

  • Call-in responses only allow one audience member to respond at a time and are impractical for most televion shows.
  • Using the web itself to communicate is slow and requires viewers to detach themselves from programming.
  • Social media is a start, but requires users to participate in an outside service.

By combining highlights from each of these, adding text messaging and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and gathering replies in an central portal tailored to the industry, ExciteM enables you to reach the largest audience possible and converse with them live.


ExciteM is a scalable interactive TV platform that is already in use by some of the largest TV and radio stations in the country. It's entirely web-based, takes minutes to setup, and requires no special equipment. By keeping our system "in the cloud", we eliminate the need for consultants and IT specialists. This effectively reduces your implementation cost to zero. Actually, most customers, regardless of technical background, are able to go from sign-up to broadcast in under five minutes. However, if you do find yourself needing a little help, ExciteM's engineering team is readily available to lend a hand.